Advance Mechanical Services NZ Ltd has specialised expertise with providing contract maintenance services to the food manufacturing and processing sector.

Our staff have expertise with maintenance of a wide range of dairy manufacturing plant and equipment including:

  • Dryer Atomisers
  • Homogenisers, evaporators, separators etc.
  • Pumps and product transfer systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Repair and overhaul of fans, V-belts, motor bearings and bearings on shafts
  • Repair and overhaul packing equipment -
    - Slide valves
    - Bag filling equipment
    - Bag sealing equipment
    - Sapac
    - Avapac
    - Bulk bin equipment
  • Repair and overhaul of vacuum pumps
  • Repair and overhaul of agitator equipment -
    - Chemical
    - Silo's
  • Removal, fitting and re-packing of valves
  • Fabrication and machining of parts

Our staff know the importance of critical hygiene procedures for intrusive maintenance and ensure that we comply totally with our client's quality and occupational health and safety protocols.

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